Isa Huss

Christopher LAVENAIR
Isa Huss
Titre de l’œuvre : Summer rain on Moorish mosaic floor
Technique : Acrylic on canvas
Dimension : 70 x 70 cm

I feel an inner drive to paint and got the feeling: ‘I have to do this’. In everyday life and while traveling, I see ‘beauty’ in incidental semi-weathered motifs. Further on, it is my concern to make this personal perspective visible to the viewer. And to capture the beauty of decades-old traces of weathering on canvas. E.g. on an old mosaic floor. In each painting, I strive for a balance between complexity and simplicity: The ideal proportion between vibrant intensity in detail, and harmony of color & form in the overall expression.   Zooming in on the motif stands for a closer look in general. Life leaves marks and scratches, which I emphasize on the canvas, in a ‘lived’ empty space. The viewer is invited to linger in the contemplation of these timeless structures and energies. Regarding the artwork « Summer rain on Moorish mosaic floor », it is about this ‘ancient beauty’ of the ornament view (inspired by the Moorish Royal Palace in Seville), combined with the special warm light of a light summer rain and the feeling of serenity it evokes.